Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sneak Peek at the Iron Patriot Armor

With the newest Iron Man 3 film coming out in a couple of months, fans just can't get enough of the trailers and promo photos. The excitement can be hard to contain. One of the much awaited characters in the film is War Machine, whose absence was sorely missed in the Marvel Avengers movie. 

As lots of fans have tried building their own life-sized War Machine or even their cardboard Iron Man suits, here's a sneak peek at another awesome battle armor, the Iron Patriot.

Soon to be featured on the popular Facebook game, Marvel Avengers Alliance (MAA), the War Machine Iron Patriot armor is one of many Stark-designed suits that will make an appearance in Iron Man 3.

According to comic book sources, the Iron Patriot armor was originally designed by Norman Osborne and Tony Stark during their days of working together at S.H.I.E.L.D. They decided to revamp the original red and yellow Iron Man suit to don the colors of Captain America's uniform, to give a new image to the Avengers; hence, the Iron Patriot armor was born.

In Iron Man 3, it will be War Machine who will sport this cool armor. And the film will include the reemergence of Don Cheadle's character, Lt. Col. James Rhodes. Where was he in the last Avengers film, anyway?

To promote the movie, the FB game MAA will make this suit available for players to purchase for their recruited heroes. I can't wait to find out what abilities my player will gain with this armor. 

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Source: Marvel Comics Database and Marvel Avengers Alliance

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