Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Building an Iron Man Suit from Cardboard

I can proudly say that one of my most viewed blog posts was on the Life-Sized War Machine sculpture built by my sister and brother-in-law.

In relation to that, take a look at these Iron Man replicas made entirely out of corrugated board!

Recently, I wrote up a feature on Walyou about these cardboard Iron Man suits, creatively conceptualized by a Redditor by the name of Royal Dump. I do see a resemblance with the hand made War Machine armor but only this time, Iron Man was made more lightweight (and eco-friendly, too).

From L to R: Mk VI Iron Man suit from Iron Man 2; Iron Man model from toy figure; and rumored Mk VIII for Iron Man 3.

The artist took from one week to two weeks to produce each Iron Man replica, which is almost entirely made of corrugated cardboard. The helmet, however, is a plastic cast from an Iron Man helmet like the ones used in filming. The process of casting the helmet was similar to what was done on the resin replica of War Machine.

These cardboard remakes of Tony Stark's armor will make for awesome Halloween costumes, or even a cool one to wear to a movie premiere (just hope it doesn't rain).

Until then, we just can't wait for the local release of Iron Man 3, coming in May 2013 to Manila.

More information on the cardboard Iron Man suits are detailed on my Walyou article right here.

Via: Walyou and Fashionably Geek


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