Monday, September 12, 2011

JOHNSON’s My Kid’s Growing Up So Fast Contest

Our 11-month old Emilia seems to be in a rush to grow up and catch up to her Ate Angelica. When we got her Ate a Crayola Board for her 6th birthday last week, Emilia wanted to play with it, too.

My kids are growing up so fast! Even my baby can't seem to wait to go to school!

Even if she can barely stand on her own, Baby Lia has been sticking magnets, pulling them out, and even imitating the gesture of erasing the white board. All this she copied from her very smart and active Ate Geli, who's been having a blast playing pretend school with their new toy.

Now that Lia is about to turn a year old, she is changing before my eyes but her skin is still like a baby’s. We still need the gentle care of JOHNSON’s Baby Milk Bath, with Vitamins A&E and 100% more milk proteins to nourish developing skin.

As Johnson's has been there when we were growing up, so has its products continue to take care of our own children. In fact, I have been using Johnson's Baby Powder, Top to Toe Wash, and Baby Bath for my kids all these years. It will always be my first choice when it comes to high-quality and reliable body care products for my kids.

Truly, all parents try their hardest to give what's best for their children. I can only sit back and watch as my kids both develop to be well rounded individuals -- a feat that they can definitely achieve on their own, with just a little help from mom and dad. Lia and Geli seem to be growing up so fast, but we sure are enjoying every minute of it.