Thursday, February 28, 2013

See the Newly Restored Original Delorean from Back to the Future

Celebrating the almost three decades of the iconic film franchise, co-creators of Back to the Future put in tons of effort to restore the Delorean time machine to its glory.

Check out more details and photos on my Walyou feature.

Bob Gale, one of the original co-creators of BTTF spearheaded the TMR or time machine restoration project back in February 2012. One year later, they proudly unveiled Doc Brown's masterpiece, given a new life and on display at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Gale and his team also opened the TMR Facebook Page, where tons of feedback from BTTF fans helped to find parts for the Delorean. It had been a long-planned restoration, because the Delorean, one of many used in filming, had taken a lot of damage while being displayed outside the BTTF ride in the theme park. Today, the flying car is still on display, but in a huge glass case!

Here's a sample photo from TMR:

Via Walyou and Geek Tyrant

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