Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finally! A Suit that Gives You Spider Sense!

It will be more than a year before we get to see Andrew Garfield sling webs once again in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (coming in May 2014 in the US). 

But until then, check out this awesome SpiderSense suit that grants you the seemingly superhuman ability to react from an attack -- while blindfolded!

Thanks to the great mind of Victor Mateevitsi, a University of Illinois at Chicago PhD graduate student, the SpiderSense suit was created.

The secret to the suit is a set of ultrasonic modules that contain sound transmitters and receptors. The body suit is also fitted with several small robotic arms positioned in various parts of the body, like the chest and limbs.
Mateevitsi's SpiderSense suit gives that "tingling sensation" to help you react
 Basically, the SpiderSense suit emits high frequency sound waves (too high for the human ear to hear) which are reflected back from an obstacle or an approaching attacker. Upon receiving the echos of the soundwaves, the suit determines which of your body parts is to be attacked, and the SpiderSense's small robotic arms give you a slight squeeze, allowing you to know how to react!

Mateevitsi tested out his technology by blindfolding one of his colleagues while wearing SpiderSense, and letting him throw cardboard ninja stars towards the direction of his attacker. What do you know? The test subject was accurate 95% of the time -- while blindfolded.

Learn more about where this project is to be presented, and find out on other practical applications of SpiderSense by checking out this Walyou feature.

Via: Walyou and Victor Mateevitsi

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