Sunday, January 17, 2016

JAQ: Portable Fuel Charger that Runs on Water and Salt

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On January 6, a Swedish startup innovation company known as myFC has just unveiled its cutting-edge product that will change the game for portable charging in more ways than one.

Said to be “the world’s smallest pocket sized fuel charger”, JAQ is guaranteed to provide the easiest and cleanest way for smartphone charging. Perhaps its key feature of obtaining its power from only water and salt would set it apart from any charging apparatus you see in today’s market.

One may argue how JAQ’s revolutionary take in modern technology is being dramatized for only being utilized to such small-scaled cellular smartphones. However, in this digital world wherein such phones are a part of a person’s day-to-day living, JAQ provides a big stepping stone to creating a more environmentally-friendly means for their essential power source. Up to this date there are approximately 7.4 billion people in the world and according to a report entitled “Maximizing Mobile”, 75% of the world’s population owns a phone. In light of this, it is safe to say that the general electrical charging of phones is no longer sustainable for its use of finite resources such as coal and oil. JAQ will be able to promote a greener alternative in terms of economic responsibility.

Most portable chargers that we see today universally use batteries in which electricity is stored in a very limited capacity. As a fuel cell charger, JAQ self-produces electricity from a combination of salt and water that generates no pollution. As seen in their website, to use this slim pouch-sized device, you simply insert a fresh PowerCard that is used from recyclable materials and plug in your phone through the cable. One card amounts to 1800 mAh or a single smartphone charge that can only be used once and be disposed of afterwards as regular waste.  However, you can always bring with you several card units in case you would need to charge more than once.  It can also charge any USB-compatible devices such as tablets and other small gadgets.

As of today, the product is not yet out on the market but you can sing-up and pre-order as early as now by going to the My FC official website. Its price is yet to be confirmed as well, but it is said to cost around $99 while the PowerCard will be sold separately for about $2. Hopefully, JAQ will be marketed well enough and be easily accessible for purchase around the world once it is released.

Source: CyberGrit

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