Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Coming in November 2015: Hello Barbie with AI

Image from Toy Talk

All young girls have become Barbie fans at some point in their lives. This latest model from Mattel merges fashion and style with cool artificial intelligence to bring interactive play to a whole new level. Introducing: Hello Barbie (coming out in US stores November 2015)

Mattel worked with Toy Talk (and AI developer from San Francisco) to come up with what is said to be the most high tech upgrade of Barbie to date.

How does it work?

In the same way that talking apps on smart phones or tablets analyze speech patterns to illicit a response, such is the tech that Toy Talk installed into Hello Barbie. No need to be paranoid, as Barbie won't be used by the NSA to spy on you and your kids. It's simply a level up on how kids imagine play and can even be used as a tool to improve English speech.

For me, however, the $75 price tag is a bit too steep. I can probably opt for the talking apps on our iPhone and iPad. But Hello Barbie, being the first of its kind, is a cool doll I wouldn't mind adding to our little girls' toy collection.

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