Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I Want Darth Vader to Style My Hair

It's a known fact that both men and women are very conscious about their looks, and most especially their hair. People spend hundreds to thousands on hair styling products, salon treatments, and even equipment.

Speaking of equipment, who would have thought that something as mundane as a hair dryer can be pimped up to look like an awesome collectible? Check out this product concept from Russian designer Tembolat Gugkaev, the ultra cool and sinister Darth Vader Hair Dryer.

As featured on my Walyou article, this Darth Vader Hair Dryer sports the signature mouth of the evil Sith Lord. Even without the complete helmet and head of the character, Star Wars fanatics can easily recognize who it resembles. Plus, its sleek and glossy black finish adds to that air of bad assness that only Darth Vader can bring. (Do I hear the Imperial March theme in the background?)

We can only hope and wait until Gugkaev decides to market this geeky design. How I wish this hair dryer comes with its own Light-Saber curling iron, much like this one. Now those would be excellent tools for setting up a Star Wars beauty salon! Plus, Chewbacca would probably be a well-paying regular at that establishment.

So, let's just wait until the Darth Vader Hair Dryer becomes available in stores. You can definitely add this up to your list of geeky gifts for women. What lady wouldn't want Darth Vader to style their hair?

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