Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Savor the Best Steaks Ever at Braham's

If you love steak and happen to come by Tarlac City, then keep your eye open for this special treat!

Braham's is a hole-in-the-wall type of restaurant which offers a pleasant surprise for steak connoisseurs. You wouldn't expect this small restaurant to serve you one of the best meals you'll ever have -- at an affordable price, too!

The restaurant seems like a carinderia with air conditioning. There is a small counter, with a see-through refrigerator showing bottles of soda and iced tea. Behind that is a curtained door leading to their kitchen. There are only a handful of tables and chairs, and the floor is not tiled but is of dusty concrete. Yet Braham's has a homey feel that keeps you curious about what's in store.

According to former clients, before you decide to eat at Braham's, be sure you call in about an hour or two before. They will only prepare the ingredients and your meals when they are sure that customers will come in to eat. It takes away your common perception of the busy carinderia wherein meals are prepared by the bulk.

Somehow that made us feel like VIPs, not just because we were the only family there, but because the steak meal was expecting us as we walked in the doors.

First up, the waiter served us small bowls of soup. It was a simple beef broth with onion leeks and a few vegetables, enough to warm your palate before you dive into your main course. Served soon afterwards was a slice of homemade buttered bread, mashed potatoes, and a cup of gravy.

Then came the steaks! They were served in sizzling plates instantly filling the table with that burnt fatty delicious aroma. And the meat cuts were huge! You instantly think, "Can I finish this by myself?" After I took my first bite, I had my answer. I might even want second servings, too.

The steaks were smoking, thick and juicy, seared just right, and so tender they almost melt in your mouth. Eaten with their special Braham's sweet gravy and every bite is perfect. Even the fatty portion of the beef was flavorful and required no heavy chewing! I knew the whole cut of meat was a sin against dieting, so I opted not to order rice, especially with the potatoes, soup, and bread, filling enough already.

A little later, the waiter served us individual cups of dessert. It was a cool homemade melon sherbet, which the kids absolutely loved.

SO HOW MUCH FOR EACH MEAL? Only Php 385, inclusive of all the fix-ins, but not including the drinks. It kind of makes you think about how much you normally spend for steak dinners in Metro Manila, or in labeled restaurants like TGIF, Tony Roma's, and the like.

THE VERDICT? We are definitely coming back to Braham's. A little too far from Manila, though, but the restaurant is quiet, almost private, and is great for the family. Food is absolutely excellent, the steaks are incomparable in flavor, and the price unbeatable!

WHERE TO FIND BRAHAM'S? Come to Tarlac City, and locate Tarlac State University, the small restaurant is by the southern river banks along Aquino Road.

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